The battle is not over

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The Alliance Annual General Meeting will be held at 1pm on Saturday 30th November 2013 at Dalgety Memorial Hall.

A new Snowy River Alliance Membership Form is available for people wishing to join or renew.

The NSW Government is proposing this week (week starting 11th Nov 2013) to put before Parliament a bill to remove the Snowy Scientific Committee, which is the independent body that was created to advise on the flows required to restore the Snowy River. Steve Whan on his website says Labor will vote against these changes. His press release is available here:  Steve Whan press release.

The Man from Snowy River star, actor Tom Burlinson supported the original campaign in the 1990's.

Back in the 1990’s Tom Burlinson supported the campaign that resulted in the Snowy River Inquiry. In 2002 the NSW, Vic and Commonwealth Governments signed up to restore 28% of the Snowy’s original flow. After 10 years we have achieved about half what was committed. The Snowy Scientific Committee (SSC) was created by the Snowy Hydro Corporatisation Act (NSW) and its function was to monitor and report to the public on the adequacy of the restored flows.

The SSC was critical of the NSW Government, so now they wish to replace the committee with one that is not independent. The NSW Government has even deleted the SSC website so that people can not access the report that was critical of the flows achieved. That report is available here for reference.   ssc_1-2008-adequacy-of-releases

Without an independent SSC, there will be no-one to keep the Government honest. Please write to them and object.


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